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School Trips and Stuff

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hi everyone, I know I haven't posted in all. I was gonna post some icons and stuff but I haven't really worked on anything internet related in the past couple of weeks at all. My biology class did a really cool school trip, we went to a local pond and picked up garbage and cleaned it up. We went back this week and we saw a bunch of Geese settling in, it was really lovely. My art class also had a bunch of trips to art galleries and we to a university art show, there was so really beautiful works there. My mom gave me $20 for the art show and I bought a pretty print someone made. I think people should really support their local artist then purchase some trendy artist. Its really cool being able to talk to an artist and have them explain their artwork to you. Next week I am doing a neighborhood walk with my social studies class, which is kind of cool. We are going to document the various people, businesses and etc in our school neighborhood. Sorry for my affies for not visiting as often ! Promise to a round trip soon.

I also have a new affiliate, Fai from No Bananas Please, I actually lost my bunny template so I have to edit an old one. Promise to you add you soon. D:

Anyways, toodles for now. ^^