Happy 2014 everyone :)

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hello everyone! I just want to say Happy New Years!! I uploaded a brand new layout featuring Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games. I love Effie, she is one of the most hilarious and lovable characters in the series. I think I will do a Katniss layout next, for now,to start of the new year, we will go with the fabulous and dim witted Effie!
 I can't believe 2013 is already over. It has been an interesting year though my life isn't exactly adventurous, hanged out with my friends, watched a lot of movies, went to school, eh, normality! So I decided to do a new year's resolution :) Not sure if I will be able to achieve them but lets start by listing them out first. So.....

1. Eat more fresh food and vegetables (lol, like everyone probably has this on their list)
2. Spend more time doing my hobbies like drawing.
3. Make new friends with people that different from me, if you are an Asian girl, you know what I mean! We tend to be friends with other Asian girls, I need to branch out and meet people from different ethnic groups!!
4. Be drama free.
5. Aim for As and maintain at least a B for my classes.
6. Spend time out doors as much as possible in the summer.
7. Try to earn $1000 from a part time job during the summer.

I think that is a pretty good list so I'll just leave it at that. No need to overwhelm myself and make the list impossible to achieve.  Anyways I made a virtual gift for my affiliates and visitors so here is the ones for my vistors:

and some Gale Hawthorne Icons! lol

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Ariana Grande Template

Friday, 27 December 2013

Hello everyone. Yesterday was Boxing Day, not sure if other countries have this holiday but in Canada its basically black friday. Everything goes on sale, you get crazy good deals and lots of stores sell off everything from this year and start out with new stock for the new year. Its only suppose to be 1 day but now its more like boxing week but only the best deals are on the 26th, after that its the left over deals. lol So I was really busy shopping with my mom, gran and sister yesterday. My mom bought some stuff for the house, we got a $35 cooking pot set for only $15. My grandma bought lots of stuff, mugs, coats, teacup sets, etc where just some of the things she took home. There is this store here called Think Kitchen which sells all the stuff you need in a kitchen, just more fancy and we spend like 2hrs in the store, my mom got some fancy seaside art plates and my grandma got mugs. Later, me and my sister went to H&M, I picked up a pair of jeans with my xmas money.

Today I stayed home because yesterday was so tiring, I made a free template, it features the lovely Ariana Grande! I got an account at x10hosting so people can preview my templates live. :) This template took me forever to make, could get the head/sidebar title pictures to work properly! Pretty happy with it, its purple!


Blogger Code:

Non-blogger Code:

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My Christmas this year :)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hello everyone :) So Christmas has come and gone, it has been a wonderful holiday at our house in my opinion. Well, aside from all the smelt we had to eat. If you don't know what a smelt is, it is a very small skinny fish, it tastes wonderful deep fried, kind of like chicken fingers but too much of it can be kind of greasy. My mom found them on sale for the holidays, she went to town and bought a LOT of it. We had a huge plate of deep fried smelt, the thing with anything deep fried is that once it gets cold or microwaved, it becomes gross so we ended up just eating it all yesterday. I felt like bursting. We also had a cranberry turkey, scallop potato, dumplings, salad, hickory ham, smoothies and a cherry filled chocolate cake. It was a ridiculous amount of food, I didn't even eat my slice of cake and had it for breakfast. This morning was super exciting because I got presents! :)

So things I got were a dusty blue sweater + necklace from my grandma, a $100 bucks from my grandpa, a pair of shoes and gift card from my uncle, Nintendo 2DS/Pokemon Y from my parents and lingerie from my sister (which for sake of modesty, I'm not adding to the photo).

I am loving the sweater and the necklace, can't wait until spring to try my shoes out! The 2DS is amazing of course, my sister got Pokemon X and I got Y, it is funny because we were actually there when our parents bought it for us so we knew exactly what we were getting. Me and my sister made everyone chocolate fudge and gave everyone a Starbucks Card, we each loaded 10 dollars on there so $20 for everyone. We are too broke to offer anything else. lol

Aside from that, I had uploaded the new year's template. I actually don't like it that much, I wanted to try a dark green layout but I think I liked my cute ginger bread layout more. After new years I am thinking of doing either a Katniss or maybe Hobbit layout. Oh there is also a new affilate, welcome Lina!


Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas!!! I love Christmas, so much gingerbread, cinnamon and cranberry sauce. I been busy helping my mom prepare for tonight's Christmas eve dinner. We are having chicken, a bunch of veggies, sweet potato, rice cake and many cookies. My uncle arrived yesterday and we are expecting more people today! Man, my house feels really small suddenly. My sister and I plan to sleep on the couch in the living room so we can open presents first thing tomorrow morning, so excited for my new 2ds and games! :)

Anyways, I took the time to make 10 Christmas themed icons. Enjoy, free to use!


I also added 2 new affies, welcome Valerie and Erykah! :)


A lazy Saturday

Saturday, 21 December 2013

I feel so lazy today, I didn't get out of bed until noon! My mom and dad went shopping so no one was there to nag me. lol I don't feel like doing anything today (cue bruno mars!) aside from watching tv, playing video games and relax on the couch! Tomorrow me and my friends are going to go watch Frozen, its suppose to be a really good movie. We been watching so many movies lately. I realize christmas is right around the corner and everyone has been giving virtual gifts so I made one too!

So I was tagged by Pim for the Liebster Awards again, so I'll just answer her questions!^^

What single quality do you most appreciate in people?
Sincerity, I honestly hate fake kindness and don't mind white lies.
Why did you start your blog?
I saw many people with blogs and wanted to try it out. I was first browsing sites Pink Blossom, Punk Rose and etc, I read lots of text making tutorials and learned those. Then I learned how to make layouts, I found a few blogger templates and looked at how they were made.
What is your favorite movie?
I am really liking The Hunger Game series right now but I think the Harry Potter movies will always be my favorite. I also really like Finding Nemo.
Where was your last, best vacation?
My last best vacation? 2 years ago I would say, my family went to San Francisco and it was amazing. We stayed at a really nice hotel, went to an aquarium, beach and bought lots of tasty food. I also bought lots of cloth, my mom bought like 20 hats. lol
Who is your favorite author and why?
J. K. Rowling, she wrote the Harry Potter series which I love!! However the Hunger Gamesby Suzanne Collins and the Divergent series by Veronica Roth both come really close to. :)
What is your most prized possession?
By price or personal value? I think my computer is the most expensive thing I own but the most important thing I own I think is my Note to Self box, you write a note to yourself everyday and read them at the end of the year.
Cat or Dog?
I love cats but dogs are okay too, I think they are a little needy. 
What is your favorite quote and by whom?
Don't have one.
If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?
I would like to meet Hitler just so I can hit him across the head with a baseball bat.
Describe yourself in three words. 
Chatty. Artsy.  Friendly.


Jacquie Lee Icons and Tagged :")

Friday, 20 December 2013

Hey everyone, today me and my friend went to watch The Hobbit 2 and it was amazing! I highly recommend anyone who is interested in seeing the series, it was much better than Hobbit 1! There was a lot of fun scenes and it was very exciting action. I think when I have the time, I will make some Hobbit Graphics and maybe templates. I added a new amazing peeps and also as promised, I made some Jacquie Lee icons! :) I hope you guys like them, she kind of looks like Selena Gomez to me, I am excited for her to put out some music as she is very good!

I was also tagged by Aaliyah so I will do her tag The Liebster Awards :)

What is your first impression of me (Aaliyah)?
I thought you were really friendly and nice, that's one I asked you to be affies. :)
What do you think of Reality shows?
I don't really like reality shows, especially things like kardasians or realhouse wives but I'll sit through things like the Dog Whisper or Hell's Kitchen.
Do you prefer roses or chocolates on Valentines?
Chocolate all the way! You can actually eat it and it doesn't die in a week (kind of ironic?).
What’s your favorite childhood memory?
When I was a kid, we lived behind a big hill, whenever it snowed, me and my friends would slide down the hill for hours. :)
Are you comfortable in making friends off the Internet?
Yep, I am incredibly chatty and I usually strike up conversions with people sooner or later.
How would you describe your High-School life?
I am in grade 9, I hope its nice?
What is the most unique animal you’ve ever touched?
A stingray in an aquarium.
Are you pursuing your dreams?
Kind of, I mean, I'm staying in school and getting educated :O
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Working at a fun job.
Inspiration behind your blog/website name?
I was born in December and I feel like december is very dear to me! Its the month of xmas, my b-day and many other good things. Dear December has a nice ring to it too.
Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason?
I am terrible for eating fudge bars.
Are you pro life or pro choice?
I am kind of both. I definitely believe that every girl should have a choice and not be forced to go through with something she doesn't want to do. My reason is, if she doesn't want the baby, she won't care for it while its growing. Moms who love their baby won't drink, smoke or do things to her body that can harm the baby but if she is set against it, she won't care and the baby will be hurt and born sick. There is also nothing stopping a girl from  trying to abort with other methods like binge drinking, hurting herself, drugs and etc which will make the baby suffer once its born.  I think the baby won't suffer if doesn't develop a brain and the girl will be happier too. But I don't think late term abortion is right, I mean, unless you have a good reason like the mom is going to die or something. Just my opinions.
Do you curse a lot?
Only if I am angry.
Are you health conscious?
I don't go out of my way to eat whole wheat, exercise, etc but I don't eat junk everyday either and walk around lots from school/hanging with friends.

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Blogger Layout: Gum Drops

Thursday, 19 December 2013

OKAY! So today I made a premade blogger layout for the first time. If you have a blogger than you can just this layout, you can also probably use it on a non-blogger site. Just remove the blogger codes and use it like any other premade layout. :) Its a very simple one, it doesn't have a side bar or anything, just a image and posting area so maybe a really small blog? I hope you guys like it. I been tagged by Aaliyah but I am going to do the tag tomorrow because I am very sleepy right now! Christmas is right around the corner, how exciting is that? My parents have already bought me a 2ds and wrapped it up. I am not allowed to open it until the 25 though! urg, 5 days!


1. Convert your blogger template to classic format if you haven't done so already
  •  Go to your drop down menu, select template
  • Scroll to the bottom of the layout options and choose Revert to Classic
  • A template box should now appear.
2. Copy and Paste the code I provided into that box and save.
3. You should now have the template, edit things like title or the navigation if you want.


1. Please do not sell, redistribute or claim any of my layouts.
2. Please do not make derivatives out of my layouts like icons, buttons. etc.
3. Do not remove my link back or water marks please.


Tessanne Chin Graphics :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Hello everyone :) how are you? So The Voice has come to an end and the winner is the fantastic Miss Tessanne Chin. She is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice so I am glad she won. I was also rooting for Jacquie Lee who is the runner up. Since it came down to my 2 favorite contestants, I was happy regardless of who won! I am sure Jacquie will have an amazing career ahead of her, she is a great singer too! Anyways, I made some graphics featuring Tessanne since she won, I might make some of Jacquie tomorrow. :)

Isn't Adam Levine cute? LOL He was so happy she won!


Creative Monday

Monday, 16 December 2013

Hello everyone! Today I did so much graphic designing, I was really bored and ended up making a bunch of stuff. I found a super cute gingerbread man/woman picture and I had to use it! So yes, new layout. Its actually quite easy for me to make a new layout, all I do is find a new picture, color PSD it and change the colors of my background/layout. I don't actually recode anything, just swap the links. lol I also was very inspired by Katy Perry's song Unconditionally, its been really popular on the radio lately and I wanted to make some stuff with screencaps of her music video. If you haven't heard or seen the song, its definitely worth a search on youtube, it has very beautiful lyrics. So I made 6 icons and 4 banners. Feel free to use, link back is appreciated but I won't come and hunt you down if you don't. lol


See ya! :)