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The other Orignal's girl. :)

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hello everyone, today is Friday!!! I finished my art project early so I had nothing to do today while I was in glass so I made a Rebekah header on the computer. I came home and finished the coding using a punk rose template! I hope you guys like it, she is the other 'main' female character (for season 1) in The Originals. Hayley (featured in my current layout) is the other, I love the show and felt I couldn't leave her out! I was so in love with her look from the early 1900s, its so beautiful, glamorous and classy. So I used screen caps from the episode "Long way back from Hell" hence the name of the layout.

Download this Layout (HTML)

Aside from that, I have 2 brand new affies, Ebony and Brandihearts, please go check them out. That is it for
today. Bye!


March Madness

Friday, 21 March 2014

Hi everyone! I know its been quite a while since I last posted anything. March has been very busy, I had to finish a lot of assignments for school, I also been busy with other offline stuff. But today I finally found the time to sit down and write a blog post. I would like to start with the new layout I made, it features the lovely Phoebe Tonkin! She plays Hayley in The Originals, a show on CW about a family of vampires. She is a werewolf but she is pregnant with the baby of Klaus, a particularly nasty vampire with a antihero personality. I think she has such a stunning face so I wanted to make my layout feature her! I been watching A LOT of a TV, including The Originals which I love as well as the medieval show Reign.

Reign is short of a love story for Queen Mary of Scotland, it kind of evolves her and two ridiculously good looking prince brothers. You get the jest. I also been watching Star Crossed, its other love story about a human high school girl and a handsome human-like alien boy :). All of them are from the CW, they have really good things.

My affie Sophie tagged me for Liebster award again so I will do it again.

1. Favourite food? Watermelon or Frozen Yogurt
2. Are you a morning person? Hahahahahaha, no.
3. How long have you known your best friend for? 5 years.
4. Favourite outfit/item of clothing? Scarves.
5. When/how did you start making websites? 2013
6. Favourite time of year? Spring
7. Who lives in your house? My mom, my dad, me and my sister.
8. How many countries have you been to? Four... I think?
9. What would be your dream job? I don't know yet.
10. Cats or dogs? Hmmm....Dogs.
11. Best childhood memory? Sliding down a big hill on a sled with my friends.

That is all for now. :)

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