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Hello Jello!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Hello everyone! I know its been FOREVER since I updated and I am so sorry, I haven't really felt like posting or reading lately. School has started and just seems to be other stuff to do so I just decided to ignore the blog until I felt like I wanted to post. I want this to be a hobby and not something I have to do! Anyways, I finally got bite by my creative bug and made some stuff. I actually have a new layout, I loved my Katniss layout so I was sad to see it go but its time for a change. This one features some tasty blueberries!

Life has been pretty normal, I been going to school, hanging out with my friends and doing homework! I haven' had a chance to watch any movies lately because everyone is really busy. So I am hoping once its spring break we can go watch some good movies~ I have however started watching this Korean drama my friend introduced to me, its called Emergency Couple! Its SO FUNNY! LOL Here is the trailer:

Other thing I have done is made some graphics! Woot! I made 8 icons, 1 signature and 1 layout this past 2 days, they are all blueberry/berry themed. I found a collection of cute berry pics so I wanted to make graphics!


That is for today, lots of new stuff~!

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