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School Life

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hey everyone :) I changed the layout to Katniss a couple days ago as you can see. I love Effie but I wanted to change the layout before I got really busy and stuff, school like started for me . The past couple of days has just been crazy! So my timetable was kind of messed up and I had to talk to my counselor to fix it and it was so much changing around, I still have no clue where my classes are. I am taking a after school extra art class because I want to do the advanced art program at my high school next year. I had the option of taking drama but instead I opted for a 3d art class and if I take the an additional art class after school I qualify to skip grade 10 art class and go into grade 11 art right away. Anyways, because of all the deleting and moving around, I ended up with 2 classes occurring at the same time and I obviously cannot be in two places! lol

Our counselor are already talking to us about options in high school and the wide variety of classes we can take aside from my our core classes like english, math (ew), science, social studies and etc. I have lots of options so I am going to mainly do art related stuff, drama/music/sports are not my thing.

Sooo, this Friday I am going to be watching the movie 47 Ronin. There is a lot of buzz around this movie, my sister has already bought the tickets so I am super excited to go watch this movie. I saw the trailer and it looked really amazing, especially the witch. =)

Other than that, I been listening to the addicted to you by Shakira, its really good even though its in spanish and I don't understand a word of it. lol I made this banner of Shakira while doodling today:

Thats pretty much it today! I'll blog about the movie once I am done watching it!