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Sunday Sundaes :)

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hello everyone. Can't believe its already Sunday afternoon, where my weekend go? Yesterday my mom and I went to this stress management class and it was 3 hrs long, I was stressed from learning about managing stress. say what? But eventually we were done and than we came home and she made dinner while I watched some TV. I watched an episode of Bones which I think is actually a really good show. I never really religiously watched crime drama, mainly whenever it happens to be on but I think I might check Bones out online and see some more episodes.

Today I woke up super late, I ate a yummy ribs and macaroni salad brunch. Now I am enjoy a sundae while I do some bloggin! lol Its like -50C outside with 5 feet of snow and here I am eating sundae. I added a new amazing peeps, welcome veron and paige! Also made these 6 icons yesterday that I will upload, they are winter themed ^^

So today I am gonna blog rant about something called neighborhood courtesy.  One of the things about owning a house in Canada is that you can have to shovel snow, its a fact of life, winter sucks here. My parents always take 3-4 min in the morning or afternoon to shovel the snow that builds up on the sidewalk in front of our house and put some road salt so no ice forms. Which means you can walk without falling or having snow up to your knees. 90% of my neighbors do this also so generally, you can go out to the convenient store on perfectly walkable sidewalks. THAN, you have that 10% that never shovel so the amount of snow that builds up is like 10 feet and you have no choice to either get snow in your boots or go on to the road where you risk being hit and honked at my angry drivers. I don't like judging people but this is a moment where I do judge people!! Like come on~! Everyone else in your neighborhood cares enough to keep the sidewalk safe but you can't put in a few minutes to do it?? Like when people come in to our neighborhood, the few houses with 20 feet of snow is automatically enrolled in rude neighbor registry. Have some courtesy for your fellow neighbors, you don't live by yourself on this street!

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