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My Christmas this year :)

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hello everyone :) So Christmas has come and gone, it has been a wonderful holiday at our house in my opinion. Well, aside from all the smelt we had to eat. If you don't know what a smelt is, it is a very small skinny fish, it tastes wonderful deep fried, kind of like chicken fingers but too much of it can be kind of greasy. My mom found them on sale for the holidays, she went to town and bought a LOT of it. We had a huge plate of deep fried smelt, the thing with anything deep fried is that once it gets cold or microwaved, it becomes gross so we ended up just eating it all yesterday. I felt like bursting. We also had a cranberry turkey, scallop potato, dumplings, salad, hickory ham, smoothies and a cherry filled chocolate cake. It was a ridiculous amount of food, I didn't even eat my slice of cake and had it for breakfast. This morning was super exciting because I got presents! :)

So things I got were a dusty blue sweater + necklace from my grandma, a $100 bucks from my grandpa, a pair of shoes and gift card from my uncle, Nintendo 2DS/Pokemon Y from my parents and lingerie from my sister (which for sake of modesty, I'm not adding to the photo).

I am loving the sweater and the necklace, can't wait until spring to try my shoes out! The 2DS is amazing of course, my sister got Pokemon X and I got Y, it is funny because we were actually there when our parents bought it for us so we knew exactly what we were getting. Me and my sister made everyone chocolate fudge and gave everyone a Starbucks Card, we each loaded 10 dollars on there so $20 for everyone. We are too broke to offer anything else. lol

Aside from that, I had uploaded the new year's template. I actually don't like it that much, I wanted to try a dark green layout but I think I liked my cute ginger bread layout more. After new years I am thinking of doing either a Katniss or maybe Hobbit layout. Oh there is also a new affilate, welcome Lina!