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Asians can have natural curly hair, kay?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Okay so I kind of changed the layout just a little bit, I changed the main image, I think I like the image unedited, it looks nicer! :)  I was reading some ways to do color block and decided to try it out! I hope you guys think it looks nice, I think it looks very polished. I also tired out a PSD I found at Punk Rose which made the gold more rosy, so I guess rose gold? :) The color palette I made and used is this one:

I also added some new ppl to the awesome peeps area too, go visit them. ^^ I also added a profile pic of me, it originally all of my face but my mom told me to change it. She is scared some pedophile is gonna like hunt me down or something so now its just half my face. lol

Okay so I am gonna blog about something that bugs me ALOT which is my hair! I have NATURAL wavy hair, I was born with it. I am 100% Asian, my lineage is mainly han/monogolian chinese and I am also part malay (which are all asian races, malay is asian). People always ask me if I spend like 3 hrs doing my hair or if I am part white. Noooooo people, asians CAN have curly hair, its not even that uncommon, like lucy liu has natural curls and she is 100% asian. Lots of koreans/japanese can also have curly hair, straight hair is the most common but it doesn't mean there are no variations.

I hate it when people stereotype asians, not all of us have straight black hair and is good at math okay? lol I suck at math and my hair is wavy dark brown, I don't speak chinese or malay, only english and french. lol I can use chopsticks though. :P

So yeah, thats just my rant. Don't stereotype, everyone is different.

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