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Friday, 27 December 2013

Hello everyone. Yesterday was Boxing Day, not sure if other countries have this holiday but in Canada its basically black friday. Everything goes on sale, you get crazy good deals and lots of stores sell off everything from this year and start out with new stock for the new year. Its only suppose to be 1 day but now its more like boxing week but only the best deals are on the 26th, after that its the left over deals. lol So I was really busy shopping with my mom, gran and sister yesterday. My mom bought some stuff for the house, we got a $35 cooking pot set for only $15. My grandma bought lots of stuff, mugs, coats, teacup sets, etc where just some of the things she took home. There is this store here called Think Kitchen which sells all the stuff you need in a kitchen, just more fancy and we spend like 2hrs in the store, my mom got some fancy seaside art plates and my grandma got mugs. Later, me and my sister went to H&M, I picked up a pair of jeans with my xmas money.

Today I stayed home because yesterday was so tiring, I made a free template, it features the lovely Ariana Grande! I got an account at x10hosting so people can preview my templates live. :) This template took me forever to make, could get the head/sidebar title pictures to work properly! Pretty happy with it, its purple!


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