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1989 :)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Other new layout!? Yes, that was quick but I made this one during my free time in Art Class today and really wanted to use it! :) I really love this layout, it has a very tumblr quote feel but I think its very pretty! I made a bunch of quotes and being printing them out for "quote" book project. I may have more frequent layout swaps or at least the main image because I have so many pictures! ^____^

Anyways you guys may or may not know that Taylor Swift released her new album about 2 weeks ago. Well just this week I went to HMV and bought it, I been listening to it on repeat and I give it a 9/10! I am not hardcore Swifty but I think this is a really good record. :) Here is just a review of it if you are interested in buying the album or any of the songs.

1. Welcome to New York - I don't really like this song, it doesn't really fit New York, its so preppy and suburban. Not worth an iTunes purchase...
2. Blank Space - This song is pretty good and super catchy, I feel like this song would be awesome to just listen to while you are in the car or jogging. I would buy it on iTunes.
3. Style - Hands down my favorite, sounds like something from the 80s, the chorus is super catchy and I absolutely love the way she sings "you got that long hair, slicked back and white t-shirt"! Definitely worth buying on iTunes, I love it so much its currently what is playing on my blog! :) The song title screams "Harry Styles" to me as well...but who cares.
4. Out of the Woods - Lot of my friends been talking about this song, I like it but its kind of repetitive, its good for jogging though.
5. All you had to do was stay - Meh, its okay.
6. Shake it off - Fun but played on the radio so many times I am sick of it.
7.  I wish you would - Reminds me of her old songs like "White Horse", "Last Kiss" and etc. Not all that special.
8. Bad Blood - Something different, I initially didn't like it but now I really do. If you like Taylor Swift, worth adding to your ipod. :D
9. Wildest Dreams - Again, really similar to her old songs in my opinion, nothing all that special.
10. How to get the girl - This one is sort of good but not amazing, I would get it if you don't have any other songs you want to get.
11. This Love - Meh, its okay.
12.  I know Places - Meh, its okay.
13. Clean - Meh its okay.

So yeah, that was what I thought of it. I prefer Red over 1989 even though her new songs are quite good. I feel like she is singing about more mature stuff than just boys which is a nice change.

I know One Direction is releasing Four  in a little over a week so I am very excited to buy that. I love Fireproof and Steal my Girl so far so I am hoping the rest of the record is worth it too! Well that is it, bye!