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On to November

Friday, 31 October 2014

Hi everyone! I know I been kind of M.I.A lately for my blog and it is because I been busy with school and offline life. I haven't really had anything to post about either. But today, since it was Halloween and stuff, I decided to change the layout. It features Rebekah from The Originals, the second season has started and I am so in love with it. Rebekah isn't part of the main cast right now even though I love her character. I been loving Klaus more than I did last season, I feel like his character has grown and is just a little sinister and stuck-up. :) Hayley has also gotten a little more fierce, merciless and aggressive, its just nice to see the character evolve rather than stay the same.

Reign has restarted as well but it wasn't as interesting as last season, its been kind of slow. The same pilot is being used over and over again. I wish they introduce something new rather than the constant romantic drama between Mary, Francis, they other side characters and etc. It happened already last season, I would like to either see Mary have a child, fight for her country, Francis proving to be a decent king, Bash either kicking some @$$ or fighting for Mary. :S

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy Halloween and gets lots of Candy! xo