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Girl Group Love!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hi everyone! Wow, its already September. I have already started high school for a 1 week. Its hasn't been too bad at all. I have at least 1 friend in each class too and I made some new ones, the thing about asian girls is they like to stick together and its easy to get to know other girls because we always introduce friends among ourselves. XD But I am hoping this year to make more diverse friends so I am going to be brave and try to talk to girls that I normally don't hang out with. I really like my classes and teachers so far. The only one I don't like is my gym teacher, he is a bit overbearing. My English teacher is amazing, he is so funny and makes jokes in class about celebrities! He was telling us about how he doesn't want Justin Bieber deported back to Canada and how the Maple Bacon was apology to America for his existence. LOL

I made a 40 brand new icons featuring girl groups Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. I know the 2 fan bases sometimes have a LOT of hate for each other which I think is not  necessary. I personally listen to both groups and think they are equally good. :)

Fifth Harmony Icons

Little Mix Icons

I also added some new affiliates, Blue Hearts and Dreamland. ^_^ bye

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