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Summer Summer Exams!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hi everyone! Wow, its alrady June, time is flying. I am almost done school, next week is my last of classes before summer break! I am so excited of course, the only thing is of course I still have final exams to write which is sad. I have handed in all my projects except 1 final art piece that I still have to do. I am not sure what I want to do since its a "freebie" where we are allowed to hand in anything we want. I think I want to try to do a sculpture. I am so excited for the summer since there will be lots of free time. I think my parents have a trip a planned for the family depending on their work schedule though so I may not post as much as I like in July.

Next year is also really exciting since I am going into high school, I have already submitted for course choices for next year. I chose a lot of art-related courses so I am hoping its going to be lots of fun. Anyways I watched The Fault in Our Stars, it was really good, sad but I didn't cry. Lots of people said you were suppose to cry but I didn't feel like crying, I felt Hazel and Augustus had shared some really wonderful time together and it wasn't sad just because he died. People can't feel death or anything so I feel like its really what you do while you were alive so imo, it was sad as it was sweet.

Anyhoot, I will maybe make some graphics or a layout featuring Hazel and Gus! Its kind of cool because they are in Divergent too, can't wait for the Insurgent to come out.

edit: changed the layout to something more summery. ^_^