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Some things in life. :D

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Its really cold today, my friends and I were freezing when we were walking home. brrrrrr. I have added some new affiliates, they are located in the amazing peeps section, please visit them. I am changed the layout, I made a new yellow/gold layout yesterday ^_^? Its really warm. I like it. I was gonna make some icons but ended up using an icon from here.

I been playing this online game called MonsterMMORG and its just like Pokemon but fan-made! I really like it so far! :) I think its nice. I am getting a Nintendo 2DS for xmas so I am super excited for that!! I know I have a 3ds already but I wanted a 2ds every since it was announced, its cheap/hardy so I feel like I can take it with me on trips/to places without worrying. I am getting the blue one because my sister is getting the red one! yay for being nintendo buddies! I am also gonna buy a nintendo 2ds game for her and she is gonna buy one for me, and we are done playing we are gonna swap. lol

Speaking of technology, my mom is gonna get a iphone 5 for xmas for herself, her old phone is like 10 years old and she really needs a new one. I am excited because no one in my family has used or bought an iphone, all of us have normal cellphones not the fancy kind.

I can't believe only like... 12 more days till christmas!!!! lots of people are coming over to our house, my uncle, my cousins and my grandparents are gonna be here too. I looooooove christmas, so many presents and yummy food ^_^! so yeah, toodles!