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My little corner

Monday, 9 December 2013

Omg!! I finally put this blog together, its been so long since I did any coding that I forgot how! Took me forever to figure out this layout. I can't believe its already almost mid december!! Its almost Christmas! I am loving this snow globe layout, I found the image on wallcoo. So cute. I made a grand opening sign:

If anyone wants to use it they can, a link back would be loved if you used it! I think I should join some challenges and maybe apply for affiliates with people?

I had an amazing birthday with my friends, we went and saw Hunger Games, Katniss is my idol! I wish I can be like her, she is so cool and she just kicks everyone's ass at everything. I like Peeta, he is okay but I still wish she was with Gale instead. I think they look good together and Gale would bring out her fighting side more, Peeta is kind of like the healer so he makes her more... gentle? I don't know but I like fighter Katniss more. :)

I have two exams coming up so I guess I should study. I really don't like science or math very much, its too confusing =(

edit: I just want to post my lena fuiji header and merry xmas text, both are free to use. ^^