Blogger Layout: Gum Drops

Thursday, 19 December 2013

OKAY! So today I made a premade blogger layout for the first time. If you have a blogger than you can just this layout, you can also probably use it on a non-blogger site. Just remove the blogger codes and use it like any other premade layout. :) Its a very simple one, it doesn't have a side bar or anything, just a image and posting area so maybe a really small blog? I hope you guys like it. I been tagged by Aaliyah but I am going to do the tag tomorrow because I am very sleepy right now! Christmas is right around the corner, how exciting is that? My parents have already bought me a 2ds and wrapped it up. I am not allowed to open it until the 25 though! urg, 5 days!


1. Convert your blogger template to classic format if you haven't done so already
  •  Go to your drop down menu, select template
  • Scroll to the bottom of the layout options and choose Revert to Classic
  • A template box should now appear.
2. Copy and Paste the code I provided into that box and save.
3. You should now have the template, edit things like title or the navigation if you want.


1. Please do not sell, redistribute or claim any of my layouts.
2. Please do not make derivatives out of my layouts like icons, buttons. etc.
3. Do not remove my link back or water marks please.